Care for someone’s well being and offer a voucher with our services

How many times did you did not think of someone who, for lack of time or financial availability, cannot treat the house to a general cleaning or waterproofing of a sofa that they like so much? Here you have the possibility of acquiring and offer a Metro Radical® voucher for a type of service and value of your choice.


5 horas
  • House Cleaning or Cleaning of 1 seat sofa
  • +
  • Waterproofing


8 horas
  • House cleaning or rug (up to 8 sq. m ) cleaning
  • or
  • Waterproofing of 3 seater sofa


6 horas
  • House Cleaning or
  • Cleaning of 2 seater sofa or
  • waterproofing of 10 chairs (seat only)

(VAT included)

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