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24 years of Experience & Professionalism

With over 24 years of experience, the services of Metro Radical excel due to the constant search for our client satisfaction, which has given us a privileged, lasting and trustworthy relationship.
The perfect knowledge of our business and the respect of our commitments has led us to the development of 2 different sectors within the framework of Maintenance and Hygiene services.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Prestigious spaces
  • House cleaning with a vast range of highly specialized services.
Certificações Metro Radical
Limpezas industriais em escritórios, lojas, embaixadas, hotéis, edifícios públicos e condomínios.


Quality Policy

The commitment to the Quality Management System implemented by Metro Radical® is based on the following principles:

Continually satisfying clients through the provision of services that take into account their needs and expectations as well as cultivating a culture of proximity, aiming for their fidelity;

Provide a good working environment for employees, as well as the resources and means necessary for good performance of the tasks inherent to their functions;

Encourage and promote constant updating and training, contributing to the professional development of the employees;

Develop a partnership  with the suppliers in order to maintain constant development in terms of technology and market;

Search for results that will enable the  necessary investments for the continuity and growth of the company;


Maintain ethical and responsible behaviour in the relationship with clients, employees, suppliers, competitors, government agencies, society and the environment;

Promote the continuous improvement in  quality performance according to the needs and expectations of clients, the legislation in force  and  commitments.

TOP 5% Best SMEs in Portugal

A SCORING, certified Metro Radical – Serviços de Assistência e Higine, Lda., according to the ScorePME method, on the 2019 fiscal year, where it found its Performance Index and Financial Soundness above 80%, also showing consistency in the economic and financial aspects.

Accordingly, Metro Radical obtained the SCORING Notation “EXCELLENT” (“NS 5”), which confers on it, in terms of economic and financial sustainability, the distinction “TOP 5% Best SMEs in Portugal”.

Certificate issued by SCORING, on 03-31-2021, with the Executive Coordination of Carlos Gouveia and the Scientific Committee constituted by Prof. Doctor António Aguiar and Prof. Dr Nicholas Almeida.

External references:

Scientific opinion: academic validation by Higher Education Professors, PhDs in Management.
Independent audit: the model is audited annually by BUREAU VERITAS.
Data integrity: deposit of the database with the classifications at ASSOFT.

TOP 5% Performance and Financial Strength & TOP 10+ Support and Logistics Services

SCORING also certified Metro Radical – Serviços de Assistência e Higine, Lda., in 2020, in the categories of TOP 10+ Support and Logistics Services and TOP 5% Performance and Financial Solidity.


PME Líder ’22

The PME Líder status is awarded by IAPMEI and its objective is to distinguish companies that present the best economic performance, being also therefore qualified as low risk profile organizations.

Metro Radical – Serviços de Assistência e Higine, Lda., has been the holder of the PME Líder label since December 2022, something that contributes to further solidifying our positioning as a reliable and high-performance company in the market in which we operate.


PME Excelência 2022

The PME Excellence is an annual distinction awarded by IAPMEI (Institute for Support to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Innovation) in partnership with Tourism of Portugal and a group of partner banks. The objective is to recognize companies that stand out in the national economic landscape due to the quality of their performance and risk profile.

On October 31, 2023, Metro Radical – Services of Assistance and Hygiene, Lda. was distinguished as PME Excellence 2022, acknowledging the quality of its performance and risk profile.


Our Values

Client satisfaction comes 1st

Commitments & Ethics

Client satisfaction comes 1st. Do the right thing with transparency.


Always growing, questioning and developing.


Develop trust and mutual respect.

Valuing and dignifying people

Qualified, satisfied and motivated employees.


Manage a profitable and well managed organization.


Attention to detail and continuous improvement.

Clients & Partners

The prestige of clients and partners that distinguish us with their preference are the proof of quality and commitment that Metro Radical puts in everyday of its activity, always seeking to contribute to their success.